Our Vision

Our vision is to create a Pan India network of comprehensive real estate solution consultancy services by the soldiers,For the soldiers and of the soldiers with a principle of democracy and to organise this real estate sector for the optimum use by our largest community of serving and retired soldiers from the rank of a sepoy to a senior most officer of the armed forces by eliminating the complexcity and unwanted middle men structure who often brings hassles and disputed into a fare and simple deal.

Our vision is to simplify the multi tired intemediatary real estate deal to a direct buyer seller deal without any middle man brokerage.

To bring up and construct co-operative community housing socities there by eliminating the risky of a fraudulent builders notorious activities.

To bring various budget and low cost co-operative housing projects for soldiers in urban as well as semi urban areas of the whole country depending upon the pre demand survey of our organisation.

To prevail various subsidised schemes offered by central as well as state Govt for budget/low cost housing projects there by minimising the housing cost by 25% to 35% for the soldiers of other ranks.

In addition to this we also
 pecialized in rendering successful and comprehensive services to Co-operative Housing Societies. Started in 1987, we are the pioneers in Computerized Billing & Accounts Services to Housing Societies. With the changing scenario of increasing complexities in Housing Societies management, we have professionalized Housing Society Management.

The Billing & Accounts combined with professional management has become strength of many of our clients. In a field where the Accountant / Manager normally changes along with a change in the Managing Committee, we have proved that this need not be the case. Possibly just because, we are not anybody’s man. We are the Housing Society Management People.

We have also developed our own software to handle Billing and Accounts related requirements of our clients. This unique software also takes care of service tax matters of housing society. Of late, we have entered into the area of Property / Estate Management. Under Property Management, to provide Total Solution’ we have teamed up with the leading service providers in the fields of plant & equipment services, plumbing & electrical services, security & house-keeping services to be offered to housing societies. Our mission is to provide cost-effective, efficient and affordable “Total Property Solution” to Co-operative Housing Societies in the city of Bhubaneswar.

Our attitude is,                                                                                                                                                                                                                             We are here, because we serve better. This attitude is the driving force to constantly Improve on our services and Add Values to our services. Our reputation and success lies in our services.